We had a nice tea party!

On Thursday, 4th March, about 60 5th grade students came together in our music room (156) to celebrate a tea party.
There were lots of things to drink and to eat, like muffins, cupcakes, sandwiches, candy, lemonade, apple juice, orange juice and, of course, tea. Everything was really delicious (yummy). A good start for our party.
Mrs. Rüthrich prepared an interesting quiz for us and we answered a lot of English questions. The best students got some “sweet” prizes.
A highlight waited for us then: Mr. Bean!! This was a lot of fun.
The room was decorated with Union Jack flags and napkins, it looked really nice.
It was also fun to play with air balloons and to burst them at the end!
So we had a fantastic party and we would like to thank our teachers Ms. Rüthrich, Mrs. Henke, Ms. Kamberg and Mr. Schedina.
Let’s do it again!
Malin Flemming, Minh Thu Pham Dang, Leni Schieberle and Mr. Schedina

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